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Planning to Planting

Landscape Design Consulting
Mulching for healthier garden beds
Weed spraying & Fertilising
Pest & Disease control
Shrub, Tree & Hedge pruning/shaping
Garden Improvements

Growing to Mowing

Lawn Mowing
Slashing & Mulching
Lawn Coring
Turf Laying and Maintenance
Improvements & Care
Top Dressing for healthier lawns
Irrigation repairs

Designing to Delivering

 Landscaping Services
New Gardens/Lawns
Restoration and Rejuvenation of old gardens
Create beautiful garden beds
Designer planting
Informative advice

Lets Talk!

Leading Edge Horticulture & Landscaping helps you to plan innovative designs to your needs and specifications. We provide you with exceptional customer service and extensive knowledge.

Leading Edge Horticulture & Landscaping offers the most comprehensive range of turf management, horticulture and landscape services to Wagga Wagga and the surrounds.